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You can’t talk about the men’s 400m dash without talking about the Borlée family !
The Borlée brothers return to Liévin this year; Kevin Borlée and Dylan Borlée will be at the start of the men’s 400m. 
From Belgium, they’re trained by their father, the Borlée boys have been some of the best 400m runners for many years, constantly present on the international stage. 
With their other brother Jonathan, the Borlée brothers have mounted numerous podiums on the European and international stage in the 400m dash and the 4x400m relay: 
4th at the Rio Olympic Games
3rd at the World Indoor Championship
2x 2nd at the European Championships 
Indoor European Champions  

The only American present at the meeting, Sam Kendricks, will compete in a pole vault competition already at a high level. 

2017 World Champion in London, 
2x Silver Medalist Indoor Champion in 2016 and 2018
3rd Place at the Rio Olympic Games
Kendricks has vaulted 6 meters outdoor and 5.93 indoor. 

Poland’s Piotr Lisek will have to be perfect if he want to win the competition. 

We’ll find out, Sunday at 20:25 ! Don’t be late! 

Who will take the title for the 60m Hurdles?

Will it be the 2018 European Champion, Frenchman Pascal Martinot-Lagarde who won the 110m hurdle title at Berlin? He is also the World Indoor Silver Medalist (2016, 2014). HE has a personal best in the 110m Hurdles of 12.95 and in the 60m Hurdles, 7.45.

Or will it be the Spaniard Orlando Ortega, the 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist who finished 3rd at Berlin. His PB is 12.95 (110mH) and 7.45 (60mH).

This season, Ortega has hit 7.63 in the 60mH and Martinot-Lagarde, 7.66.

There’s a duel in the works and with PBs that are nearly identical, who will be the one to come on top?

Response, 10th Feburary at Liévin !

The European leader in the 400m Justyna ŚWIĘTY-ERSETIC who’s hoping to keep her indoor European title in Birmingham next march, after becoming the European Championship at Berlin las summer. ŚWIĘTY-ERSETIC, who finished 3rd at the Indoor European Championships in 2017, comes to Liévin as the favorite to win.
Her statistics are quite impressive:
4x400m Relay
3rd, 2017 World Championships
1st, 2018 European Championships
1st, 2017 Indoor European Championships
2x  Indoor World Champion, 2016 and 2018
1st, 2018 European Champion
Indoor : 51.78
Outdoor : 50.41

Her teammates will also be present :
Iga Baumgart-Witan, 2x Europeam Champion with the relay (2018, outdoor, and 2017,indoor). 5th in the 400m at Berlin.
Małgorzata Hołub, 2x Europeam Champion with the relay (2018, outdoor, and 2017,indoor). 2x Silver Medalist at the World Championships (2016, 2018)
Anna Kiełbvasińska, a 200m specialist (with personal records of 22.94 and 23.12, outdoor and indoor respectively). She finished 6th place in the 4x100m relay last summer at Berlin.
The bronze medalist in the 400m at the 2018 European Championships, Lisanne De Witte will also be on the line to battle for first place against the four Polish runners. Her records are 50.41 outdoor and 52.43 indoor.

The lineup for this year’s pole vault is nothing to overlook with some of the best vaulters :
The favorite of the concours is Piotr Lisek. He is one of twenty-three vaulters in the world to have cross over a height of  six meters! He is the Indoor European Champion and 2nd place in the world Championships in 2017. 3rd at the Indoor World Championship  (2016, 2018), 4th at the European Championships (2016, 2018), 4th at the Olympic Games in Rio, and 3rd at the World Championships in 2015.
His personal best is 5m94, outdoor and 6m, indoor.

German Raphael Holzdeppe : World Champion in 2013 and 2nd place at the World Championships in 2015, 3rd in the Olympic Games in London 2012, 5th at the Indoor World Championships 2018, 2rd at the European Championships in 2012, will also be present.
Personal Best: 5m94 (outdoor) and 5m88 (indoor).

The Frenchman Axel Chapelle who jumped 5m71 in Orléans a few weeks past, will also be at Liévin, refining his preparation before Birmingham and profit from a talented concours against some of the best.
Personal Best: 5m72 (outdoor) and 5m88 (indoor)

One of the best vaulters from the Asian continent, Bokai Huang (China) will also compete in the competition.
Personal Best: 5m70 (outdoor) and 5m75 (indoor)

Kevin Mayer will also be present in the competition.

Poland’s Marcin Lewandowski will be at the start of the 800m.
Lewandowski has medaled on multiple occasions, specifically in the 800m and 1500m, at top competitions for many years.
Some notable achievements :
1500m Silver Medalist, World Indoor Championships 2018
2x European Indoor Champion in 2015 (800m) and 2017 (1500m)
800m Silver Medalist, World Indoor Championships 2011

2x European Silver Medalist in 2018 (1500m) and 2016 (800m)
800m European Champion 2010
7th place, 1500m World Championship
6th place, 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

His records (800m/1500m) :
Indoor: 1:45.41 / 3:37.37
Outdoor : 1:43.72 / 3:34.04

The decathlon World Champion Kevin Mayer will be at Lieven to continue refining during his winter training. He will be on the line for the 60m hurdles and also take part in the pole vault competition.

The decathlete already has numerous success in his career :
Indoor World Champion 2018
Outdoor World Champion 2017
European Indoor Champion 2017
Olympic Silver Medalist 2016
European Silver Medalist 2014
European Indoor Silver Medalist 2013
European Indoor Record with 6,479 points (heptathlon)
As of 16th September 2018 the World Record Holder in the Decathlon with 9,126 points

The French Ninon Guillon-Romarin, who holds the French records in women’s pole vault outdoor (4m75) and indoor (4m72), has confirmed her participation at the Meeting!

The Parisian finished 5th at the European Championships in Berlin this past summer.

Top level runners will battle it out during the 7.5 laps around the track at Lievin!

The Ethiopian Samuel Teferra—2018 Indoor World Champion and Junior World Record holder—will face off against the Kenyan Elijah Motonei Manangoi, the 2017 Outdoor World Champion in London (with a personal record of 3:28.90).

But there not the only ones with quick feet who will be out on the track. Keep an eye out for Ayanleh Soulejman, the Djiboutian who holds the 1000m World record and was World Champion in the indoor 1500m in 2014—his personal record is 3:29.58).

You want to see a show, well we’ve got a show for you.
ou don’t want to miss these phenomenal women :
Ivoirian Marie-Josée Ta Lou, Silver medalist in the 60m at the 2018 Indoor Championships, Silver Medalist in the 100m and 200m in the 2018 World Championships, 4th place in the 100m at Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro. Her personal best in the 100m is 10.85. As they say in French,  
Up next: German Pamela Dutkiewicz, European silver medalist in the 100m hurdles in 2018, bronze medalist in 2017 in London.
Also: The Belarusian Elvira Herman will be present! Her stats: European Champion in 100m hurdles and Junior World Champion in 2016!

Will it be a show? Come see and find out !
The Ethiopian powerhouse Genzebe Dibaba will be present at Lievin. No big deal right? Let’s just lay down some stats:
World Record holder in the indoor 1500m, 1 mile, 3000m, and the 500m.
Yeah, it’s a big deal.
The only record she’s missing? That’s right, the 1000m. Will this be the moment she breaks the world record? Only one way to find out !


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