The Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais Trophée EDF meeting, part of the World Indoor Tour gold meetings circuit is for the third straight year ranked number one in the world in front of over 800 indoor competitions worldwide as prestigious as Birmingham, New-York, Madrid,…

A wonderful performance from the Norwegian distance runner Jakob Ingebrigtsen (1500m World Record) in addition to numerus meeting records, national performances, the Meeting is once again making its planetary foot print on the world indoor competitions.

jakob2022We are very happy and proud with those results and our ability to stay the best indoor meeting in the world; happy with the enthusiasm sent by the athlete to come to Liévin and perform, happy with the audiences who know what Liévin represents and being able to have a full capacity Aréna that cheers and pushes the athletes aiming great performances (during all the Meeting editions’, except 2021 due to Covid, we have been able to host 5500 spectators), please and happy to count on our faithful sponsors :
The three local authorities which are founding the Joint Syndicate for the Arena Stade Couvert : the Hauts-de-France Regional Council, the Pas-de-Calais Department Council, the Lens-Liévin Agglomeration Council and the Host City of Liévin.
Our private partners : EDF, Credit Mutuel, Synergie, DLM, La Voix du Nord, the FFA and its partners Adidas, La Chaine L’Equipe, and private companies working with us: Matsport Timing, Extême Vusuel Production, Polygone, Défis Sport…

We are very proud of the investment of all Officials from the Ligue Hauts-de-France d’Athlétisme and its volunteers.

Finally, we would like to thanks World Athletics for its support and its trusts into the Meeting which will be organized for the 30th time in 2023.

The new top world ranking of the meeting is one of the few sporting events, with that level, to be owned by the federal world (in Liéivn 200 clubs from the Hauts-de-France’s Ligue), is due to a close-knit and motivated team. Be certain that we will keep continuing to do our best to organize the best indoor competition in the world for many years to come.

Our last word will go to the athletes, who come from all around the world! Congratulations and thank you four your ability to be, every meeting’s evening, the best of your capacities. Thank you for these fantastic performances, thank you for the pleasure you offer to all the fans of the top Olympic sport in the stadium and also to the entire worldwide audience (70 countries broadcasted the meeting live in the world).

The results we had for the past three decades is also due to the quality of the equipment we have. The Aréna Stade Couvert is definitely one of the most beautiful indoor Aréna in the world. The are pleased to announced you that the Meeting is the first step to a bigger ambition we have this magical track : an international training center (including the outdoor track) in order to keep developing the high level in athletics ; this ambition could not start as fast as we wished to because of the sanitary crises will start in 2022 et will be fully operational in 2024. Number of athletes who were in the meeting encouraging us to this direction.
We will integrate the sport/health dimension to this project and wider open to other disciplines as well as to the culture dimension without forgetting to base this on a viable and sustainable economic model.
Thus, alongside the local authorities that own the equipment, this international training center will finally see the light of day and will be developed in the years to come.

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Meeting Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais – Trophée EDF,





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ORLEN Copernicus Cup, Aréna,





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World Indoor Tour Madrid 2022, Aréna Gallur,





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Le meeting Hauts-de-France Pas-de-Calais Trophée EDF est organisé par la Ligue Hauts-de-France d'Athlétisme

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